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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Stop Fucking Cursing In Public, Shithead!

Cursing has been a bad habit for me. Sometimes, just sometimes I can't stop myself but to curse. It's like... a curse. I do at times control my language for the sake of not embarrassing myself or to avoid awkward moments. Once, I cursed in front of my mum and she kept quiet. That was a very awkward moment for me. Fuck that shit.

One thing that has been boggling my mind is why do we need to curse? I mean, yeah, it just grows in you. Then, I made some research of my own (I'm not THAT stupid) and found out that we curse to express our feelings with a more powerful impact. For example:-

"It's FUCKING hot!"

"Don't be a DICK, please."


Imagine, if you meet a bitch, would you describe her as a mean lady? Because the word "mean" sometimes is not that influential. Know what I mean? And if you meet a cunt-head bastard, would you describe him as a mean guy? No. Cunt-head bastard is, in a way, more appropriate. Oh, cursing is beautiful.

And sometimes, just sometimes, cursing is cool. I'm sure most people agree with this. I'm a hundred percent fucking sure about this statement.

I also did a research on how to stop cursing. Just replace any bad words with not-so bad words like instead of saying "fuck" say "truck"

"Shit" say "Poo" (learnt this from South Park)

So, the conclusion is... wait, there is no conclusion...

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Crap Thought #1

Definition of love is "that thing you feel with someone you, like, uhh, like totally wanna spend your life with. You know what I mean? It's like when you sleep, you think of the person or you really care about, uhh.. about the person. You know what I mean?"

My friend told me that. He's an idiot, don't worry.

I heard a song from Nazareth called Love Hurts. That song is too fucking emo for me but when I thought about it, whatever the guy said about love is true.

But hey, what do I know about love? I've only fell in love once and I'm not sure whether it was love or lust because we spent 90% of our time together having sex. Ever since we broke up, I had a one and a half year of dry spell and still counting. Life blows.

I'm a loser. I'm just that guy you see drinking hot chocolate at cafes in the morning reading newspaper.

And I only read the cartoon section.